Monday, December 6, 2010

Recipes for Sweer Sour Spareribs Pork (tang cu pai gu)糖醋排骨

Also known as sweet vinegar ribs , this is definetly one of the best way to eat pork ribs . Not only it removed the smells from pork and it is also healthier . Vinegar removed the oil and sugar adding sweetness to the meat .

Ingredients :
Pork Ribs (500g , sliced to this shape)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
Onion (sliced , 1 stroke)
1 and 1/2 tablespoon of sugar
2 tablespoon of fruit vinegar

Methods :
1)Boil a pot of water . When boiled put in the ribs . If they are not froven , cook them for 10mins , it should be cooked and remove the smell of pork . Take them out and set them aside .
2)Heat the pan . Pour some oil just enough to cover the surface .
3)When the oil is heated enough , put the sugar into it . Quickly mix it around and keep mixing it , sugar burned easily . After well mixed , you may noticed the oil more sticky .
4)Put in the boiled Pork Ribs . Mix them well with the oil . Make sure all of them are covered equally .
5)Take them out and set them aside again . Next heat new oil .
6)Put in the onions and garlic . Stir them a while until the aroma is there . Put in the pork ribs .
7)Slightly fry them . After 3 minutes , pour in the vinegar and stir them a while . Add soy sauce , salts to colour and taste . ( Depends indivdually) .
8)After they are all well mixed and coloured , it is ready to be served .

Simple enough , you have your food ready .

Tips : You may also add dry chili in step 6 , if you would like a little bit of spicy taste .

This is what I did , if you have any tips or better ways to do it , questions and so , feel free to drop in comments , reply ASAP .

Thanks .Enjoy

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